Destiny Scholarship

The mission of the $20,000 scholarship is to provide an opportunity to help a student achieve their “destiny”.  The Santa Fe Springs Chamber/League Youth Enrichment Fund is accepts applications for the Destiny Scholarship annually in January.  Candidates must be graduating high school students residing in Santa Fe Springs who will be attending a 4 year college/university.  The scholarship is for a maximum of $5,000 per year and may be extended for three additional years providing the qualifying student meets all of the eligibility requirements.  The total value of the scholarship is a maximum of $20,000. Information on the Destiny Scholarship application process will be posted in January.

Powell Scholarship

A $2,500 scholarship is awarded annually to recognize students who are actively pursuing careers in the Arts.  Scholarships have been awarded to students studying music, writing, graphic design, poetry, art, theater and film.

The Santa Fe Springs Chamber /League Youth Enrichment Fund will begin accepting applications for the Powell Scholarship in January.  Santa Fe Springs residents who are graduating from high school or currently enrolled in college or trade school and are pursuing an education in the ARTS are eligible to apply.   The scholarship is for a maximum of $2,500. Applicants are not restricted to one year; they may reapply annually for reconsideration. Information on the Powell Scholarship application process will be posted in January.